Leap of Faith

For the past (at least) four years, I’ve noticed that my life had always taken a dramatic shift at the last quarter of every year, around September/October. I moved abroad, I moved back in, I took a life changing job assignment, I got pregnant and then had a miscarriage. This year, the whirlwind came early. On the beginning of June, I got a job promotion, and as a consequence, transferred to one of the office outside Java. To be precise, I was transferred to Tarakan city, in a cute tiny island in the upper right part of Borneo.

It did not come out of nowhere actually. I did signed in for the job at around March, and I did so after a lot of reflecting and consulting with husband and the rest of the family. But it still felt like it happened in a blink of an eye. After several occasions of major life shifts, I am glad that this time, I do feel that I am a bit better at adapting. I am also grateful that I am now quite masterful in packing up, moving away, and building a new nest in a brand new place. The fact that now I’m in my room, having spare time to leisurely write another post in this dusty blog shows that things are starting to fall into its place. One thing I believe for sure: Prayers helped made all the changes happened smoothly along the way. A heart full of gratitude. A leap of faith that I am not alone, that there is a divine force helping and protecting me. They all led me to take steps forward. Small but firm steps that gotten me to a better and hopeful place.

But it’s not even close to over. After several small steps, another big jump is waiting in front of me. And again, the anxiety hits. Cos several pieces of the puzzle are not yet placed correctly, and even worse, I am not even sure that I already have the pieces. So now I find myself looking back for assurance. I’ve gotten this far. I’ve gotten a lot of blessings. I can do this.